World Champion & Mary Hart VHS Tape

Back in 1989 I trained Mary Hart for this exercise VHS tape called “Shape Up with Mary Hart”.

I put her through rigorous training. It was a top secret project. She did not want the public to know that it was me who trained her. It would’ve launched a controversy that would have derailed her broadcast journalism career.

I directed and choreographed this VHS exercise production. It was the #1 seller on the VHS fitness videos in 1989 in over 50 countries. When this video was released, Jane Fonda, Kathy Smith & Denise Austin were all put on suicide watch. 

You make think Mary Hart is just smiling in this photo. Incorrect. She’s actually doing a shoulder-roll-ab-crunching-jaw-stretching-pelvic-thrust exercise that burns 50 calories per half-a-second.

I used 2 different pseudonyms for my directing & choreograper credits for this production.

Mary Hart still privately texts me today for exercise tips.

Today this video tape is still on the top 10 fitness video charts in Sweden. Even though it’s competing against DVDs, blue-ray, and digital downloads.

Technically, Mary Hart owes me 5 billion dollars.